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Kamran's Dalia

We are FOREVER looking for collaborators!
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Do you think you have what it takes to dive into the wild world of wedding floral design? Are you classically trained on the art of floral design or just looking to expand your portfolio? We want to hear from you!


Joining Kamran's Dalia as an Independent Designer means you will get paid to do the parts of the job you love — actual floral design — and you can drop the parts of the job you’d rather not do, like social media, budgeting, and defending your pricing to clients over and over again. As Kamran's Dalia  jobs come to you.

We offer one on one training to ensure that your floral designs will uphold the Kamran's Dalia name and that your work, time and efforts are rewarded! Are you ready to expand your skill set and join our team? Click the link below to learn more.

Why it's SO Beneficial

Collaborating With Kamran's Dalia

More Work

Get access to a steady stream of jobs, without the hassle of marketing and acquiring customers.

More Designing

We handle recipe writing, flower buying, customer communications, and invoicing. You play with flowers.

A Floral Community

You’ll join a like-minded group of designers who support each other, grow together, and share expertise.

Designing With Kamran's Dalia

How It Works

1. Submit Your Portfolio - We’ll ask you a few background questions and review examples of your previous work.

2. Interview - Meet our team and show us your skills!

3. Get Paid - You’ll be paid within a week for each Kamran's Dalia  job you complete.

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