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Kamran's Dalia

Wedding Floral Professionals

Holly Wedding

At Kamran's Dalia, we make it easy, and, dare we say, enjoyable, to visualize, plan and order your wedding flowers. We know our customers have a million details to manage when planning their big day, and we want to make picking petals the easiest part. 

We pair your client with a top designer to provide unique florals at a fair price. Our team will handle the whole process, from quotes and revisions to day-of set up and teardown. 

How it Works

Floral Design with Kamran's Dalia

1. You and your client partner with the Floral Designer to curate your floral style and budget.
2. We work behind the scenes to get everything ready for your client's big day. We handle all of the logistics.
3. Our local Kamran's Dalia Florist assembles your arrangements and delivers/sets up everything on the day of your client's wedding.

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Why it's SO Beneficial

Planning With Kamran's Dalia

Clear Communication

Kamran's Dalia's team of event professionals respond quickly to requests and questions from you and your client. Kamran's Dalia provides real pictures of flowers as they'll appear on the wedding day.

Quality Product

We source directly from the best farms in the industry to deliver the highest-quality stems at affordable prices. Not all florist can say the same and we wear that badge with pride!

Handcrafted Designs

Kamran's Dalia matches your client to a designer based on style and budget, saving you time spent on sourcing and letting you and your client focus on design.

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